Download Cytoscape & MiMI Plugin

Download Cytoscape

Download Cytoscape from

Download and Install MiMIPlugin

Install from within Cytoscape
a) Startup Cytoscape->Plugins->Manage Plugins->Available for Install->Network and Attribute I/O->MiMIPlugin
b) Install

Download a sample input file

Users can upload a text file with gene list to start the interaction network query. Users can specify species, molecule type etc using GUI or put these parameters on the header lines of the input file.

Here is a sample input file:

dataSource =all

Line 1 specify taxonomy id as 9606 (human)
Line 2 specify molecule type as protein
Line 3 get interactions from all data sources
Line 4 find direct neighbors for input gene. You can expand network by choosing higher interaction level.
Line 5 find all neighbors for input gene.
Line 6 gene1
Line 7 gene2

Download above sample input file here.
Click here to get more input file format information.

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